Flat Ridge Society

There is a joy to be found in a long walk on the flat. Particularly with advancing years. Occasionally it’s great to find walks with great views and features that don’t have too arduous an approach. I love hills and have climbed many a Munro but a brisk day’s walk on a clear Autumn day with a pleasant descent at the end to pub or car is a good day for me. It’s also ideal if taking friends of mixed ability or kids. A few ups and downs enroute add to the adventure while not sapping morale.

One of my favourite mornings out is walking the 8.5 mile ridge of the Quantock hills  starting from the Car Park below Lydeard Hill, East of West Bagborough, walking roughly North west to Beacon Hill, then doubling back off the ridge to the village of Holford to the North East via Sheppard’s Combe (map below). It takes in wide vistas of Somerset and South Wales from the Beacon Hill and the more intimate landscape of the steeply wooded watery Combes running down to Holford. If you want to walk back to the start rather than taking a cab (there are no buses), take the route South West from Holford, back up to the ridge via Holford Combe or Black Hill, which picks up the route back to Lydeard Hill.



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