Eat to Live

I have owned a number of stoves over the years. In the old days, the classic Camping Gaz stove, Optimus 8r or Hex burner. More recently the Trangia meths burner and most recently the Jetboil system. I love this stove. I don’t cook when backpacking. I eat some fruit, energy bars, nuts/raisins and I heat water, which I add to rehydrate dried food that comes in sachets or to a tea bag. In that way the weight stays low, my kit stays pretty clean and I just have to take home some empty packaging. The Jetboil serves the purpose well. It takes about 6 minutes to boil 1 litre of water, enough for two courses, a cup of tea and leaves a little water for the nominal clean up. It is self contained and stable. I do use a foil windshield if windy. I also have the smaller version (in the pic camping in the Lairig Ghru) but use this less often. The original has the self contained igniter which has worked pretty well to date though I haven’t thrashed it. I do carry a lighter or steel should it fail. I gather the newest Jetboil, the ‘Flash system‘ boils 1 litre in 100 seconds. That’s impressive.IMG_2125 2


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