‘Upper Nidderdale’ walk – North Yorkshire

Middlesmoor is a small Village at 300m – just under a 1000 ft at the at the upper end of Nidderdale in The Yorkshire dales. It has a dramatic setting with views down the Dale towards Ramsgill and the Gouthwaite Reservoir. There is a small car park just to the N of the village and an excellent 7.5 mile circular path (map below) which in part follows the Nidderdale Way and takes in the high tops and verdant river Nidd valley. DSC_3195

Starting from the car park a broad, walled drove travels roughly NW across the moors rising to 430m – 1400 ft at its highest with brilliant views of the moors disappearing to the West as far as (I think) Great Whernside. The path then descends to the edge of Scar House Reservoir. Cross the dam and the path rises again. Walk a hundred feet or so on the path to the NW then take a right to the E above Scar House. The path continues roughly to the E for about a mile until you cross a stream. Just beyond this point you can go to the N and pick up the upper path across the tops, or follow the Nidderdale Way along the side of the valley. There are various options to go even lower to follow the riverside and several bridges across same. Whichever route you take, the path back to Middlesmoor climbs about 300ft to the SSW from Limley Farm until you meet a lane/path which follows the valley side and leads back to the village and pub. The moors are beautiful but bleak. On a blustery wet day, low lying Heather and Bilberry bushes offer no relief from the wind and rain. Take decent footwear and waterproofs.


DSC_3190DSC_3187DSC_3193 2DSC_3201 2DSC_3203 2DSC_3207 2

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